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Human Understanding

What we do

AI for Human Understanding

Whether in Healhcare, Industry, Sports or Entertainment we need to take decisions and react to circumstances often in real-time. Many of those decisions and choices are driven and influenced by the actions and activities of humans. Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies created by can give systems the power to understand human activity.

Cloud AI

All our technologies are delivered through the cloud leveraging the cost benefits, transparent security and low maintenance burden. We build first for Amazon Web Services (AWS) but we integrate and support working with other popular cloud platforms such as Azure and Google Cloud Platform.


From ideation to delivery we can provide the support you need to make cloud-based AI work for your organisation. Our projects start with a vision for what you want to achieve and guide you on the path to making it happen. We can also help you build a team that ensures that once live your project an be sustained over the years.


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